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On Wednesday 27 November, Year 11 and Sixth Form Food Technology Diploma students took part in a whole day walking tour of the East End of London.
We walked for seven food-filled miles from the Tower of London and the remains of the old Roman wall from 43AD up through Liverpool Street, Shoreditch and Spitalfields, learning about the history of the area from the attacks on London by Boudica and the Iceni Tribe to the fall of the Roman Empire 500 years later. We learnt about the Dark Ages and Middle Ages which brought the Norman Invasion and the French. By the time we had reached Spitalfields we had reached the dawn of the Tudor Period and the changes made by Henry VIII to the are and London as a whole. After reflecting on the changes made to the shape of the city by the Fire of London in 1666 we found out a lot about the French, Irish, Bengali, Indian, Bangladeshi and Jewish settlers that came to the East End from the 1800s onwards. These people brought with them new ways of cooking and new ingredients giving rise to fish and chips, salt beef bagels, jellied eels, bread and butter pudding, doughnuts and all manner of curries.

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