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At Bromley Beacon academy, we recognise the vital role of art and design in allowing curiosity, creativity and self –expression to develop alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills.

Art is a powerful tool that helps the students become aware of the world they live in, whilst nurturing cultural awareness and creativity. In creating a wide range of products and artwork, these skills can then transfer to other areas of the curriculum.

Those less confident in purely academic subjects, or with language barriers, can express themselves fully having an impact on our young learners, encouraging them to be risk takers, evaluators and reflective and engaged learners.

Our aim is to ensure all children and young people experience the richness of a broad arts curriculum providing every child and young person with opportunity to be inspired by the arts, nurturing artistic talent and develop our young people’s transferable life skills that arise from successful arts education whether it be use of imagination and considered risk taking, co-operation, tenacity, flexibility and responsibility as well as leadership and entrepreneurial skills. This in turn creates world citizens with an understanding of how art impacts and enhances societies and our surroundings. High priority is given to opportunities for discussion, commentating on what we have seen, and talking through ideas and plans for our own work. 

There is a clear progression of skills, which build on prior learning – such as use of tools and techniques with increasing mastery. Each class in school keeps their own portfolio which records responses to art, photos of work and any involvement in whole school or community projects, engaging with a variety of art forms, to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings.


  • At KS4 the NCFE art and design course provides students with opportunities for personal expression; encouraging imagination, sensitivity, self-awareness and the development of conceptual thinking and analytical skills.
  • NCFE Level 1 and 2 are the main qualifications. Scaffolding through year 10 and 11.
  • Level one consists of 4 units allowing the students to develop and experiment with drawing, painting, mixed-media, sculpture, printmaking, video and photography with the final project allowing the students to use and develop skills from the course to create a final project.
  • The level two qualification deepens thinking, allows students to further explore processes and techniques leading towards a final project. The focus of this course is allowing the students to think and develop their own ideas and think creatively using design briefs.

Students at all Key Stages are invited to participate in art competitions throughout the year.

Useful websites for students to investigate:

Art Curriculum Map

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