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The music department offers students the skills to compose, arrange, DJ, record, mix and master music. 

In year 9 students will be learning skills that enables them to understand how music is put together. The elements of music are vital to gain a fundamental understanding of how we compose, perform and record music. Students will also be understanding how to play in a music ensemble. This helps with building confidence and working as part of a team. This is very important for developing socially and emotionally. 

We offer a very comprehensive course in years 10 and 11 that covers all of the subject matter needed to understand everything to do with music theory and music technology. The intention is to give students a holistic understanding of music and music technology so that they can go on to further study and/or become professional musicians in their own right. 

The topics we cover are:

Set up and operate audio/MIDI sequencing software 

This unit is about using modern sequencing to realise musical ideas. It explores the differences between sequencing using audio samples and MIDI (or virtual instrument) sequencing, and how the two can be combined to create music. Learners will explore the technology, and then use it to make music.

Creating Music

This unit is about using modern audio/MIDI sequencing software to realise musical ideas. Learners should have access to the expertise necessary to set up and operate the software. This unit focuses on the creative and effective (ie musically agreeable) exploitation of the software to create music.

Using DJ Skills

This unit is designed to develop learners’ DJ techniques. Learners will demonstrate an understanding of the equipment used by modern DJs, and use DJ equipment to perform a set to an audience.

Dance Music Production

This unit provides an introduction to dance music production skills through an exploration of the background, technology and production techniques used in modern popular dance music. Learners will investigate a range of dance music styles and will examine factors that have influenced their development.

Learners will apply the skills and knowledge they’ve gained about dance music styles and structures to the production of a complete dance music track. The unit focuses on the creation of a successful and effective musical outcome.

Audio Editing

This unit is about editing mono and/or stereo audio files using software. Learners will carry out a range of editing operations to create a range of useful audio files, including loops. Learners will be expected to distinguish between different audio formats, show some understanding of audio waveform displays and know the key editing functions of the software they are using. 

The software used to conduct edits must allow a wide range of editing functions, and have sufficient multi-track capability to allow learners to carry out the straightforward mixing and/or blending of multiple files. 

Students will understand all of the skills and principles to work freelance or as part of a business. They will be able to work in a range of musical areas such as live events, radio, music studio, sound engineering and music journalism, to name a few. Students can of course continue on to further study in other creative subjects at level 2, 3 and at university.

In years 12 and 13 students will be studying the BTEC Level 3 in Music Technology. They will be learning advanced mixing and mastering techniques so that they can confidently conduct a session in high-end music studios across the globe. This is completely designed to help students find their niche in an evolving, dynamic industry where updates and new releases are rife. We have had great successes in the past with students getting professional work as music producers and sound engineers. 

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