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Bromley Beacon Academy represents an opportunity for change for the young people who join our family. The lessons they learn here are more important than the subjects offered in our wide and varied curriculum. We offer students the opportunity to learn about real life, to grow and get ready for the next steps of their lives by shining a light on their potential. How do we do this? Crucially we treat each of them differently, addressing each of their strengths and areas for development.

In PE we educate the students both physically and mentally. We help them to burn off the excess energy that comes with being a teenager and go on to develop good habits when it comes to exercise and diet. We offer them the opportunity to study the body further, while also offering them the opportunity to become a qualified sports coach, which in turn opens doors for their future.

This year we will help our students to gain life skills, an NCFE technical qualification in Health & Fitness as well and the opportunity to choose their own preference in a specialised coaching qualification, such as the FA level 1 coaching badge, PT qualification, Boxing training etc.

Although they are your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, when they join Bromley Beacon Academy they also join our amazing family.

To view our curriculum maps for PE, please click here.


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