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School Vision

We are proud of Bromley Beacon Academy where our students and staff work hard together to create a safe and happy learning environment. We aim to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and resilience that supports our students to grow into purposeful young adults so they are able to contribute to society in a positive way by offering the following:

i) Specialist staff who are highly committed and have extremely high expectations of every student to ensure that our young people achieve their potential 
ii) The opportunity for students to experience a wide variety of curriculum subjects and enrichment programmes 
iii) A strong and effective partnership with parents to provide the necessary support for every student as we believe the education of our young people is a shared responsibility
We are on an exciting learning journey and believe that with the support of all stakeholders, we are able to achieve our absolute best for all our young people and School.

School Priorities 2020/21

Priorities have been identified by the Trust Board and the Senior Leadership Team, which are intended to address a number of key issues raised from both external inspections and rigorous self-evaluation. The identified objectives are intended to raise student attainment and improve rates of educational, social and emotional progression through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas. To do this we demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:

The Quality of education
  • All groups of students have a wider choice of subjects to study, that interest and enable them to develop the skills and knowledge as well as to take advantage of the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 
  • To ensure that there is a high academic and vocational ambition for all students, taking in to account their starting points and SEN needs which are in line with their EHCP targets. 
  • To ensure that the curriculum enhances students learning through a blended curriculum.
Behaviour and Attitudes
  • To ensure that the environment of the school promotes a positive and respectful culture in which every member knows and cares about each other and where students feel confident, safe and supported. 
  •  All policies underpin the clear and consistent high expectations across all aspects of school life to enable them to achieve regardless of their starting point. The behaviour and attendance policies have clearly defined consequences that are applied with fairness and consistency across the school. 
  • To ensure that there is a strong focus on attendance, punctuality and safeguarding so that disruption is minimised and learning opportunities are maximised in light of COVID-19.

Personal Development

  • The curriculum and the school’s wider work supports all learners to develop their character and values– including their resilience, confidence and independence to support them on how to keep physically and mentally healthy while promoting an inclusive environment.
  • Students are supported to develop these essential skills to navigate effectively through COVID -19.
  • Students are prepared for life in ‘Modern Britain’ through developing skills to enable them to thrive during their learning journeys and life beyond Bromley Beacon Academy. Students are supported to become responsible, respected and active members of the local and wider community.

Leadership and Management

  • Promoting a consistent application of high expectations through coaching to further enhance a culture in which students and staff excel and have exemplary relationships.
  • Safeguarding is effective. Stakeholders feel safe within the culture where vigilance is actively promoted and the work with external partners is effective.
  • Continue to promote the positive partnerships with all stakeholders and to raise the schools’ profile within the local and wider community.
 Sixth Form 
  • Students in the Sixth Form are ready for their next stage, both mentally and academically, and are going on to high quality and appropriate destinations.
  • To ensure that the KS5 curriculum offer is designed to embed, refine and enhance their skills and knowledge gained at KS4. As well as providing stepping stones to enable the whole student to achieve their best possible outcomes.


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