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Bromley Beacon Academy Vision and Academy Improvement Priorities
Our vision is to teach, guide and support all our young people so that they develop the knowledge, skills, emotional and social maturity to make thoughtful decisions and become purposeful young adults.
We deliver this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum, with specialist teachers and support staff providing an educational experience that enriches our young people lives.
We improve life chances by focusing on social and emotional wellbeing alongside academic teaching. We provide guidance and support to help our students follow appropriate pathways into further and/ or employment so they can become good, moral citizens.
Priorities have been identified by the Trust Board and the Senior Leadership Team, which are intended to address a number of key issues raised from both external inspections and rigorous self-evaluation. The identified objectives are intended to raise student attainment and improve rates of educational, social and emotional progression through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas. To do this we demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:
School Priorities 2017-18
Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed 
Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Promoting a consistent application of high expectations that creates a culture in which students and staff excel and have exemplary relationships
  • Safeguarding is effective. Stakeholders feel safe within the culture where vigilance is actively promoted and the work with external partners is effective.
  • Continue to promote the positive parent partnerships and to raise the schools’ profile within the local community.
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • To provide students with a therapeutic platform to achieve their full potential and to ensure the emotional well-being of all stakeholders.
  • To improve students’ attendance by an increase of at least 1% year on year.
  • To ensure children feel safe and reduce behaviours that lead to exclusions by 50%
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • To improve the quality of learning and teaching across all subject areas through a systematic approach to lesson planning, delivery and assessment that demonstrates effective personalization. Teaching and Learning to be graded at 85+ Good of which 35%+ is outstanding
  • Accurate and robust assessment systems are in place across all subjects to ensure that all gaps are identified early and addressed effectively to ensure students are making consistently strong progress.
Outcomes for students and other students
  • Students are close to or improving towards the attainment of other students with similar starting points.
  • To ensure a greater percentage of students achieve age related targets i.e. a minimum qualifications of 5 level 1+ or equivalent at KS4 and Level 2+ or equivalent at KS5

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