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Vision and aims

For the English department, the wonder of the word is rooted very much in the real world and we therefore endeavour to make learning enjoyable, relevant and purposeful. We believe that the study of English is the key to opening up opportunities in school and beyond. We provide a programme of study which enables students to access the curriculum at school and in the future; whilst at college, in training and when seeking employment We aim to develop students’ speaking and listening skills to ensure that they are confident communicators; who can listen to others and present their ideas and feelings effectively. Along with these foundation skills, we also offer opportunities to explore our rich literary heritage and develop creative potential. We are committed to ensuring that all of these skills are translated into recognised qualifications.

Bromley Beacon Academy Bromley is a dynamic, enthusiastic department; a collaborative approach to teaching and learning is embedded within daily practice and future planning. The Faculty is committed to continually reviewing and updating units of learning and teaching and learning styles, in order to engage students and facilitate achievement.

The accredited qualifications that we offer are board and supports students to build their skill set as well as striving for the best qualification for them. The accreditations are:


Subject Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
English will work towards Entry-level certificate level 3. Or Functional skills level 1 will work towards Functional skills level 1 or 2 and begin coursework for iGCSE will work towards Functional skills level 1 or 2 and iGCSE Language and literature (ability to dictate the course for them) will work towards Functional skills  level 2 will work towards Functional skills  level 2


Year 9

Students will study a range of texts in preparing for their GCSE exam. Students will complete functional skills qualifications at either ELC3 and or level 1. This will provide students with the core skills needed for their English GCSE while gaining up to two qualifications. Students will study a range of texts such as Shakespeare, modern literature and poetry.

Year 10

Students will study an array of texts including ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Shakespeare to widen their reading and to prepare them for their GCSE exam. Students will take part in speaking and listening activities to build confidence with the spoken word.

Year 11

Students will prepare for their GCSE exam with Cambridge iGCSE. This exam requires students to analyse language, summaries texts and evaluate key parts of a text. The course requires them to complete three pieces of coursework: describe, argue and respond. Students will also complete a 4 minute speaking and listening exam which will require them to present on a topic of their choice and have a short discussion afterwards.


Students will use Year 12 to boost their learning and complete their Level 2 Functional Skills exam. Whilst studying this course student will need to be able to:
Select, read, understand and compare texts and Select and use different types of texts to use them to gather information, ideas, and arguments obtain and utilise relevant information and opinions.

Write a range of texts, including extended Present information/ideas concisely, written documents, communicating information, logically, and persuasively ideas and opinions, effectively and persuasively.

Make a range of contributions to discussions in a Consider complex information and give range of contexts, including those that are a relevant, cogent response in appropriate unfamiliar, and make effective presentations.

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