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The Key Aims of our Curriculum Programme 
The students at Bromley Beacon Academy all arrive with an Education, Health and Care Plan. Due to the students often missing education as a result of their previous behaviour or because of specific learning difficulties, they frequently arrive at Bromley Beacon Academy with comparatively low levels of prior attainment as well as low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.
Our specialist staff have an unwavering belief that all our students are able achieve and through effective teaching, learning and assessment, using a unique curriculum design, we aim to open student minds using an exciting, motivating, broad and balanced curriculum.
The Key Implications of our Curriculum Programme include:
  • promoting high standards in reading, writing and mathematics
  • allowing students to develop a knowledge of themselves, the local community and the wider world
  • linking learning experiences to the real world and sense of purpose
  • building confidence by enabling our children and young people to think and reflect
  • enabling students to acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas 
  • promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • promoting physical and mental development as well as an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • enabling students to be aware of the importance and participation in the arts
  • developing the personal and social skills of each child
  • providing equality of access and create a true entitlement for all students to make progress
  • preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life
  • developing student voice where the children and young people feel empowered to create change
The Key Outcomes of our Curriculum Programme:
  • growth and well-being of the whole child is developed
  • an achievement culture where children and young people achieve academic excellence
  • a growth mindset culture in the school where students have determination, resilience and self-belief  
  • well-rounded young people who make decisive decisions about education, employment or training when they leave our school
  • a curriculum that is continually reviewed and revised to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to support our young people in an ever changing world

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