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Art gives the students the ability to express, diversify, challenge themselves, explore feelings, think outside the box and have the freedom to explore emotion, soul and culture. 

We believe the students should have opportunities and be able to reach for the stars. Art by the very nature of the subject allows the students to achieve this.

The environment and facilities allows the students to develop their skills and explore their creativity with no boundaries or restrictions. Schemes of work are designed to ensure that all students have the ability to progress and achieve developing their ideas by using the inspiration of others and by experimenting with a wide range of materials. Through the study of art and the individual development of creative skills, students will gain a fuller understanding of the part played by art and design in the wider world.

Art also allows students a therapeutic opportunity to explore feelings and students can access materials within lessons as part of the wider nurture approach to help deal with and manage emotions.


At KS4 the NCFE art and design course provides students with opportunities for personal expression; encouraging imagination, sensitivity, self-awareness and the development of conceptual thinking and analytical skills.

NCFE Level 1 and 2 are the main qualifications. Scaffolding through year 10 and 11.

Level one consists of 4 units allowing the students to develop and experiment with drawing, painting, mixed-media, sculpture, printmaking, video and photography with the final project allowing the students to use and develop skills from the course to create a final project.

The level two qualification deepens thinking, allows students to further explore processes and techniques leading towards a final project. The focus of this course is allowing the students to think and develop their own ideas and think creatively using design briefs.

Students at all Key Stages are invited to participate in art competitions throughout the year.

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