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The aim of PE at Bromley Beacon Academy is to make a real difference to our pupils lives through the promotions of healthy and active living. In addition to taking part of a range of sports in both a social and competitive form, the PE programme of study provides opportunities for the students to become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens

All students access core PE lessons which cover individual and team sports in addition to having opportunities to access Outdoor and Adventurous activities, swimming and Athletics via rewards, themed weeks and focussed activities.

Core PE

The PE programme of study for students builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired at Key Stage 2. Students will become increasingly physically competent by:

  • developing the range and quality of their physical skills
  • improving their ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional principles
  • improving their capacity to perform effectively
  • improving their ability to analyse performance and make judgements about what makes a performance successful.

Through the range of activities and variety of roles that students experience, they begin to make informed choices about their own commitment to leading a healthy, active life. They begin to identify the types of activities and roles they prefer and are best suited to.


Key Stage 4

  • NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Health and Fitness
  • Pearson/Edexcel PE GCSE Long or short course

This qualification is appropriate for students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands- on experiences and through content which is concrete and related directly to their experiences focusing on health and fitness.

Key Stage 5

YMCA Fitness Instructor Level 2

This qualification is an extension to GCSE and is designed for students who have a base knowledge and understanding of PE. This is a focused programme that will offer a route into the fitness industry through the Yr13 internship programme running in KS5

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