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Aims and Ethos of Mathematics

Mathematics at Bromley Beacon Academy is about changing ‘inchworms’ into ‘grasshoppers’! Inchworms tackle problems by narrowly focusing on details, use a single method or a slow methodical approach, use numbers exactly as given and don’t check to see if their answers are reasonable. ‘Grasshoppers’, on the other hand, are holistic in their approach. They rearrange problems to make the calculations easy, make estimates and approximations, are flexible, use a variety of paths, tend to perform all computation mentally and check their solutions using an alternative method. (Edited from Bath et al. 1986)

In the classroom we seek to create a supportive learning environment. We make great use of a variety of resources including software, websites, games and real-life materials to engage students and help them learn in the way that best suits their needs.

Students are always expected and encouraged to work to the best of their ability. We expect all students to gain Entry Level Mathematics and most achieve it in Year 9. Many students achieve at the Functional skills assessments, gaining level 1 by Year 10 and/or level 2 by Year 11.

Most students will be entered for a foundation grade GCSE, with one or two occasionally achieving at the higher tier. We follow the EDEXCEL GCSE in Mathematics. We usually begin working on the GCSE scheme in Year 9. In addition, we offer the functional skills Mathematics qualification at levels 1 / 2. Students in KS5, will be entered for Level 2 Mathematics courses if they have a Level 1 GCSE qualification. All students have access to the ‘MyMaths’ website, a vast resource full of interactive lessons, games and online homework tasks. Students who wish to complete homework or are being educated at home make use of this resource. The results of any tasks completed are automatically recorded for the teacher to look at.

A new and exciting Mathematics App has recently been created by PIXL, which allows students to access anywhere; at school or from home. This provides a short tutorial or video clips which allows students to refresh or recap on their learning and the work done is automatically marked.

For information on examination boards and our curriculum maps for the year, please see below.

Examination Board –

We follow the EDEXCEL GCSE in Mathematics. We usually begin working on these GCSE scheme in Year 9.

1MA1 for May/June 2017 onwards – Grades available 9 - 1

We also follow the AQA functional skills examinations at Levels 1 & 2


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